Our Cyber Training Courses

Parrot Labs excels in three subject areas: using offensive methodologies (network exploitation), finding malicious threats in a network (forensics), and programming custom tools (tool development). After attending our proficiency-based courses, you will become a formidable cyber-security professional.

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Cyber Leader Course

Learn about the current cyber-security landscape with hands-on exercises and case studies.

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Offensive Methodology & Analysis

Using the Offensive Methodology, learn to exploit and expand access into remote networks using open source tools so that you can better defend your information.

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Digital Forensics & Analysis

Learn to assess and defend systems by combining advanced forensics techniques using the Survey, Secure, Protect and Recover methodology for malware analysis and  system recovery.

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Windows Exploitation & Analysis

By learning how hackers exploit and gain access into remote Windows networks, you will become a better cyber defender.

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