KEYW Product Line

Our Inventions and Innovations

Aerial Collection Services

KEYW's Aerial Collection Services are commercially offered worldwide to support Border Protection, Maritime Domain Awareness, Mining & Exploration, Human Geography Studies, and Natural Disaster Response through our contractor-owned, contractor-operated fleet of aircraft. Under limited distribution, Aerial Collection Services are offered for military support applications, to produce target-accurate geospatial foundation-level products in support of counter-terrorist insurgency operations and irregular warfare mission planning. Service offerings include Pre-Deployment Operations, Site Survey, Logistics Planning, Sensor Payload Integration, Data Collection, Aircraft Maintenance, On-Site Logistics, and Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) Integration Services. The company also designs, builds, and integrates compact hyperspectral, multispectral, and high-resolution digital imaging systems suitable for light aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs.

Aeroptic Data Management Suite

KEYW's Aeroptic Data Management Suite (ADMS) is a content management architecture and workflow management system for capturing, managing and disseminating geospatial – intelligence (GEOINT) data in enterprise and forward operational environments. Please visit our Aeroptic website at:

Aeroptic Mapping System

The Aeroptic Mapping System from KEYW is a fully integrated airborne solution that provides high-resolution, highly accurate map data for civilian and military applications. From Incident Assessment and Disaster Response here at home to Wide Area Reconnaissance and Situational Awareness on the battlefield, Aeroptic is a mission-proven, commercially available for deployment on a variety of rotor- and fixed-wing aircraft.

With a 10-year legacy of supporting mapping missions around the globe, Aeroptic incorporates best-of-breed components including a full-color electro-optical camera, integrated GPS/IMU, and user-friendly geoprocessing software based on non-proprietary open standards.

The rapid-refresh camera with multiple lens options is capable of capturing extremely high resolution visible-band imagery with sub-meter geo-positional accuracy from a variety of altitudes – without surveyed ground control points. Either on the ground or in the air, the processing software produces unclassified, wide-area ortho-mosaic maps in near real time that are ready for ingest into standard commercial viewing and/or GIS packages.

Commercial Flight Test and Evaluation Services

KEYW's Commercial Flight Test and Evaluation Services provide quick-turn airborne sensor test and evaluation services through its Sensor Integration and Deployment Division, based in North Andover, Massachusetts. KEYW is a leading provider of medium/low altitude airborne geo-precise high-resolution digital imaging systems and services. KEYW offers full contractor owned and operated aerial collection services with worldwide capabilities to “fly a complete mission” including logistics planning, payload integration, data collection, aircraft maintenance, on-site logistics and PED integration. The company also designs, builds and integrates compact hyperspectral, multispectral, and high-resolution digital imaging systems suitable for light aircraft, helicopters, and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS’s). Having been dedicated to rapidly fielding innovative sensors to combat theaters of operation since 2004, KEYW has developed and acquired a suite of capabilities and assets, which lend themselves directly to sensor test and evaluation support.


KEYW's eGimbalTM is an innovative airborne 3-axis gimbal system for advanced imaging system stabilization, pointing, and tracking. Three patent pending partial arc curvilinear direct drive servomotors (PACDDSs) rapidly position the imaging payload. The highly efficient eGimbalTM is capable of carrying high loads with precise angular positioning using finely controlled motion profiles for smooth stabilization and high dynamic angular pointing. eGimbalTM is specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of today’s airborne mapping cameras in a compact package.

HawkEye AP: The Data Analytics Platform

With the increase in sophisticated attacks and the explosion of big data, large enterprises and government organizations are seeking advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions to address their needs.

HawkEye AP, formerly Sensage's Advanced SIEM and Log Management, delivers an unparalleled solution with the industry's most unique approach to analytics and intelligence - a flexible event data collection process and a clustered, columnar-based event data warehouse.

HawkEye G: The Active Defense Grid

Malicious cyber threats get past even the most advanced perimeter defenses. Once inside the network, they can exfiltrate intellectual property, take control of sensitive processes, and proliferate. The dire need of today’s network owners is to quickly detect and then “actively defend” against the spectrum of threats from botnets and malware to advanced persistent threats through the use of automated countermeasures that remove cyber threats at digital speeds. Hexis Cyber Solutions’ Hawkeye G addresses these cybersecurity needs.

Iridium Communications Value Added Reseller

KEYW is partnered with Iridium Communications Inc. as an Iridium Value Added Reseller in order to provide unique and globally effective solutions to a wide range of customers within government, military, emergency, and cyber security sectors. KEYW has extensive experience with development, manufacturing, deployment and sustainment of Iridium based solutions. Our agility, creativity, and mission focus allows us to provide rapid and unique Iridium capability for the most demanding problems.


A scalable software-defined radar. It uses a modular system architecture that can be configured to address a wide variety of missions on may platforms. System have been deployed to CENTCOM, SOUTHCOM, and PACOM.

Risk Mitigation Tool

KEYW's Risk Mitigation Tool is a fully-collaborative web-based application for managing your risks, based on MITRE. No longer will you have to search for spreadsheets and documents that contain your project’s risks, since everything will be easily accessible through your computer’s browser. RMT offers a compliant approach for the Defense Acquisition Guidebook, Section 11.4; Presidential Policy Directive (PPD)-8 and CMMi Level 3 risk management.


KEYW's SATCOM UHF Diplexer provides the communications capability for two radios operating simultaneously on a single antenna to facilitate coordination of tactical maneuvers on land, air, or sea. It permits two tactical UHF SATCOM transceivers to share one antenna on limited-space combat platforms such as aircraft, ships and land vehicles. During operation, each radio can transmit or receive information without damage or interference to the other transceiver.

Turnstile Antenna

A pair of HF antennae (6 meters and 9 meters) consisting of a dual polarization, high take-off angle crossed dipole element. Users have precision control of phase and amplitude between antennas, facilitate use in direction-finding and electronic beam steering applications. The Turnstile Antenna provides excellent receive performance on short-range skywave HF circuits in an extremely compact footprint. The single support design and detailed installation instructions make the antennae easy to deploy and maintain.