2013 Solutions: Setting the Pace of Change


KEYW is a rising thought and technology leader in enterprise cyber awareness for commercial and government entities.


KEYW is expanding our multi-INT platform to further penetrate the geospatial intelligence (GEOINT), signals intelligence (SIGINT), and airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) markets.


KEYW actively seeks opportunities to acquire new capabilities that enhance our positioning in targeted markets.

Our Focus

KEYW is building our business to provide advanced solutions (including services, products, and integrated platforms) across multiple markets. Our robust cyber and geospatial intelligence capabilities, developed for the U.S. Government, serve as a launch point for further innovations in the civilian, commercial, and non-U.S. markets. As we grow, we bring together core areas that complement each other and best serve the needs of our customers.


Key Strategies

Build and leverage our research and development efforts.

We use research and development to create technologies, products, and solutions that provide immediate and long-term value to the U.S. Government and commercial markets. We will continue to apply intellectual property that we create internally or license from other companies across our work in network traffic intelligence, cybersecurity, cyber intelligence, and geospatial intelligence.


Pursue strategic, capability-enhancing acquisitions.

We pursue selective, strategic acquisitions that expand our cyber and geospatial solutions platform. Our scope includes companies that are leaders in supporting the U.S. intelligence and defense communities as well as those that provide innovative technologies for other target markets. Our growth supports the transformation of the IC to cyber-age operations and the enhancement of the cybersecurity posture of the IC and commercial critical infrastructure enterprises.

We place mission first.