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Brilliant Minds

Some of KeyW’s Most Brilliant Minds

Alex Gross

alex-grossAlex directs the development of new ideas and new programs for KeyW’s Sensors and Processing Systems Division. His research and development interests focus on next-generation, extremely high performance sensor systems that converge flexible, software-defined sensors with high-efficiency computing architectures.

Previously, Alex led the design and development of innovative, affordable high-performance computing systems and ubiquitous optical networking devices. He created real-time software for a record-breaking quantum cryptography system, which was 100 times faster than all previously published results. He also built, tested and launched a mass spectrometer into space on a sounding rocket and invented new algorithms for solar wind data analysis. Alex earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland and a master’s in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

Alex has published and presented articles in journals and conference proceedings, including those from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Optical Society of America and Military Sensing Symposia. His work has been featured by Slashdot, Information Week and USGIF.

Neeru Katyal

As a seasoned IT and services leader, Neeru has more than 15 years of experience in agile software development, system integration and engineering—and an extensive background in process engineering and improvement. Neeru joined KeyW in 2011 to lead the Consolidated Analytic Spatial Data-Initiative with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Today, she’s the deputy director of KeyW’s contract with the National Geospatial Program Office (GPO). Of special note, she helped grow GPO’s largest prime contract from $33 million to $96 million over five years. Neeru earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a master’s in Management Information Systems Technology and Project Management and an Executive MBA from The George Washington University. She also holds the Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute. In her free time, Neeru volunteers with the Lego League Robotics Club through her youngest son’s elementary school. In addition to serving as a parent coach, Neeru helps teams create solutions to real-world problems using Lego pieces.

Tim McKernan

timmckernan-copyAs a leading software developer, Tim joined KeyW in 2010, where he’s worked on a variety of projects using the latest web development technologies, including Java, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. He’s also worked on contracts in some of the most interesting, secure locations—supporting a variety of intelligence, cyber security and signal-related domains. Tim’s latest work is a KeyW-sponsored internal research and development project utilizing Apache CouchDB to replicate data between dozens of servers. The project creates a “multi-master” environment where each server acts as a master. Complex replication rules help decide which data is replicated and how replication conflicts are resolved. He aims to build on the strengths of CouchDB while bringing the difficult problem of replication within reach of small development projects and contributing back to the open-source community that provides the core of the project. Tim’s efforts are helping to solve critical technological problems that are important to some of KeyW’s customer set and give him the opportunity to explore and solve critical problems in unique and useful ways.