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Community Outreach

Social Responsibility is Part of Who We Are

KeyW cares about the communities in which we live, operate and serve. While we like to have fun, we take our moral, ethical and philanthropic duties seriously—and work hard to make a difference at home and abroad. We also believe that our employees are at their best when they feel connected to causes that matter to them. That’s why we support, and often join them, in these causes.

Supporting Positive Change

KeyW is committed to supporting positive change in the lives and neighborhoods that we share beyond the workplace. The KeyW Community Connection (KCC) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that supports the charitable causes important to our employees.

Donations and Fundraising

Each year through the KCC, KeyW donates funds that have been set aside or raised in a strictly voluntary manner in order to support employee special causes.

Recent Employee Causes

We work with local and nation-wide charities, and our employees actively donate their time and resources to philanthropic efforts. We are proud to support schools, animal services, disease research, veterans and a wide variety of other important causes.

KeyW Employee Stories

Dee single-handedly coordinated a huge collection effort for the Merriwood Home for the Elderly and provided the use of her home. Abe works with the Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption (APRA). He hand built a beautiful box for employees at the KeyW Corporate office to make regular APRA contributions. Jason is involved with Operation Special Delivery, which provides services to pregnant women whose military partners are unable to be there for the birth of their children.

Community Feedback

“Your contribution enables us to continue the programs that support at-risk youth in our community. Your employees deserve commendation for the support of such varied charitable causes.”—Sandi McFadden, Executive Director, Franciscan Youth Center