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Review position papers, videos, presentations and the like that showcase our latest research developments, points of view, open source releases, solution updates and other topics of interest. We update this section regularly, so be sure to check back often for the most current information.  

What We Do

KeyW is passionate about the security of our nation and its allies. Our advanced engineering and technology solutions support the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of information across the full spectrum of the Intelligence, Cyber and Counterterrorism communities’ missions.

Data Analytics Development Tool

KeyW recently released Hog, an integrated development environment to the open-source community. Hog builds on a recognized big data and cyber analytics staple, Apache Pig, to provide an environment where both analysts with minimal or no coding abilities—and experienced script developers can efficiently perform queries on large sets of data. [read the full release]

Unlocking Data for Analysts/Developers

Apache Pig (Pig) has had a presence in the Open Source community for the better part of a decade. In recent years, it has been a staple for programmers dealing with big data and cyber analytics as it is highly efficient in analyzing large data sets. Despite its popularity, however, there remains a high barrier to entry for analysts who wish to use it, yet have little-to-no coding abilities necessary for doing so.

Preparing for Modern-Day Pirates: Preventing Maritime Cyber Hacks

Cyber attacks are the most significant threat against oil and gas infrastructure companies. Social engineering strategies combined with highly sophisticated malware attacks leave ships and crews without key navigation and communication systems. Ship management companies are forced to meet the demands of the modern day pirates to avoid business interruption, environmental disasters and ruined company reputation. Learn how to avoid these disastrous scenarios through proactive oversight, properly maintained and patched computer systems and effective employee training.