KeyW Announces Merger Agreement With Jacobs

A Tale of One Intern

My name is Arielle Hall, and I’m a summer intern in the Communications department at KeyW. During my time here I’ve already learned so much about my field of study. I’m a Communications major at the University of Maryland College Park with a focus in Public Relations, and a lot of the skills I’ve gained working here will transfer well to the things I’m learning at school. I had no idea how many things fell under the Communications team umbrella, and it’s been a really cool experience being encouraged to try new things. The field of communications is so broad. I’ve gotten to try my hand at things like writing press releases and helping manage social media, which have taught me about effective communications in the workplace.
Making New Friends
I’ve also met a lot of new people. The other summer interns have been incredibly approachable, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to meet all of them and spend my lunch breaks hanging out with such a fun group. It’s nice to spend time with people in the same position as me and know that they’re still learning too. But it isn’t just the other interns who have been helpful at making me feel comfortable here. The members of our small Communications team have been exceptionally kind and are always receptive to my questions. The overall employee atmosphere here at KeyW is very welcoming, and it fosters a comfortable work environment. Everyone’s been extremely gracious in showing me the ropes, and I’ve really learned a lot during my time here.
Looking Ahead
I was a little nervous coming into my internship, but I feel that the Communications department has struck a good balance between independence and teamwork as far as my responsibilities are concerned, and I’m getting to do work that’s relevant to my field. I really enjoy that I’m acquiring professional experience and getting to work on challenging projects that are applicable in the real world but in an environment that’s comfortable. Moving forward, I’m very excited to apply all that I’ve learned here. Coming into this internship, I wasn’t exactly sure of the kind of responsibilities I would have working in the Communications department. Now I know the kind of knowledge and skills I’ll need moving forward with my degree, and I have a clearer idea of the things I’ll be interested in pursuing both at school and in my career.