KeyW Announces Merger Agreement With Jacobs

Stretch Your Wings with KeyW’s New Blog, The Squawk

cropped-keyw_favicon_giant.gifHello and welcome to our new blog, The Squawk. Here’s where you’ll find the latest on all things technology and engineering with a slant toward national security. From sharing points of view on the newest technologies, discussing best practices or lessons learned on recent initiatives and highlighting results from our internal research and development (IRAD) program, our natural inclination is to push conventional thinking to the limit. For example, we recently launched a data analytics development tool, Hog, through our IRAD to the open source community. Hog builds on a recognized big data and cyber analytics staple, Apache Pig, to provide an environment where analysts with minimal or no coding abilities—and experienced script developers can efficiently perform queries on large sets of data using both simple and complex page options. Watch my video to check out some of the cool features for analysts and developers. In addition to highlighting topics you want to hear about, we’ll also feature some of KeyW’s brilliant minds—and their insights on given topics. So bookmark this blog, share it with colleagues and stay tuned for some unique points of view. Later . . . Bruce