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Prepare for tomorrow's toughest cyber challenges with proficiency-based cyber mission training in an advanced training environment.

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Become a Proficient Cyber-Security Team Member with Parrot Labs Cyber Mission Training

Become a proficient cyber-security professional by enrolling in proficiency-based cyber-mission training classes with our industry-leading instructors. All of our courses use open-source tools so you can work with them once the class is over. Parrot Labs Cyber Mission Training excels in the areas of using offensive methodologies (network exploitation), using the Survey, Secure, Protect and Recover methodology to defend against and locate malicious threats, and instructing cyber leaders about the cyber threat landscape.

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Why Parrot Labs?

Persistent Cyber Training Environment

Our persistent cyber training environment (PCTE) provides all the technology you will need to be successful in class. Each student at Parrot Labs is provided an individual workstation with two wide-screen monitors for conducting research and running exercises, using between 20 and 40 virtual machines throughout the course. All you need to bring is yourself!

Hands-On Labs in Every Class

Because our courses offer proficiency-based training, you will always experience hands-on labs. In every course, lectures are accompanied by real-time opportunities for students to follow along with the lesson on their own boxes. Lectures will be followed by exercises that reinforce the material taught and allow the students to delve deeper into the subject at their own pace.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are experienced cyber-security professionals who work in the field when they are not actively instructing. They have a wide variety of industry certificates, including CISSP, CCNA, CASP, CEH, Security+ and Network+. Our instructors continuously monitor new and emerging threats, and are committed to keeping course curriculum up to date and relevant.