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Our Cyber Training Courses

Parrot Labs excels in three subject areas: using offensive methodologies (network exploitation), finding malicious threats in a network (forensics), and programming custom tools (tool development). After attending our proficiency-based courses, you will become a formidable cyber-security professional.

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Cyber Leader Course

Introduction to processes, techniques and terminology used by cyber professionals to explain, discover and prevent threats to enterprise networks and sensitive information

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Cyber Mission Foundations (CMF)

Provides multi-dimensional foundation to help students confidently and effectively carry out business in the digital environment in four modules including Windows, Unix, Networking and Security

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Offensive Methodology & Analysis (OMA)

Students learn current cyber attack methods to develop strategies to protect and defend their networks and critical information

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Digital Forensics & Analysis (DFA)

Teaches in-depth digital forensic knowledge of the inner workings of Windows 7 malware analysis while preparing students to become proficient cyber-mission malware hunters and defenders

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Windows Exploitation & Analysis (WEA)

Teaches the essentials of offensive methodology that focus on Windows systems and modern techniques

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Windows and Linux Scripting (WLS)

Introduces PowerShell and Python scripting, beginning with the fundamentals and finishing with students creating fully executable scripts

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Mobile Digital Forensics (MDF)

Teaches the ins and outs of mobile devices and how they relate to hacking and forensics

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