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Cyber Mission Foundations (CMF)

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Cost (single seat): $9,200 for Each Two Weeks

Course Length: 40 Days (8 Weeks or 4 Two-Week Modules)

Recommended for: Intermediate Students

Additional group and government discounts available. Contact Parrot Labs for more information.

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What will you get out of CMF?

Students are provided with a multi-dimensional foundation to help them confidently and effectively carry out cyber operations in the digital environment in four modules including Windows, Unix, Networking and Security Concepts.

What does CMF offer?

    • Textbook and lab manuals to accompany instruction
    • Access to a personal sandboxed network of 70-90 virtual machines, including devices, firewalls and Windows systems
    • Realistic target network with domains populated with simulated personal data to immerse students in detailed scenarios

Why should you enroll in CMF?

Cyber Mission Foundations (CMF) is an eight-week, four-module course designed to give students a well-rounded foundation in the fields they will need to navigate a digital environment. Throughout this course, students will:

  • Learn to identify, monitor and defend targeted Windows systems
  • Detect and resolve threats that threaten a wide range of Unix systems
  • Analyze network traffic and gain in-depth knowledge of how systems communicate
  • Bolster security, conduct situational awareness surveys and explore the engineering of malware

What topics are covered in CMF?


  • Learn the ins and outs of a Windows system
  • Identify suspicious activity
  • Understand executable code persistence


  • Quickly assess system integrity
  • Develop skills for applying Solaris and Linux techniques


  • Learn how system and data communication works within local and wide area networks
  • Traverse networks using tunneling and redirection


  • Understand the mindset, conduct and protocol to create and maintain secure environments
  • Assess the state of existing environments
  • Make informed decisions based on system integrity

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