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Mobile Digital Forensics (MDF)

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Cost (single seat): $5,500 Course Length: 5 Days

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What will you get out of MDF?

In this course, you will gain a better understanding of mobile forensics,  compare Android and iOS operating systems, apply forensic processes to mobile devices and interpret mobile hacking concepts.

What makes MDF unique?

You’ll perform your exercises and scenarios in a sandboxed network, allowing you to practice and learn at your own pace without affecting other students.

Why should you enroll in MDF?

Mobile Device Forensics teaches you about the inner-workings of the Android and iOS operating systems and thoroughly explains how to safely and effectively perform forensic investigations as you navigate the mobile landscape. Throughout this course, you will:

    • Dive deeper into the foundations and inner workings of a mobile device.
    • Discover how to apply a forensics-based outlook to every facet of the Android and iOS  operating systems.

What topics are covered in MDF?


Teaches the ins and outs of forensic principles as it relates to the ever-changing mobile technologies platforms that exists today and discusses the road ahead. Students will use an analytical approach to carefully and thoughtfully comb through a variety of mobile device data and determine what is forensically valuable during a forensic investigation. A hands-on experience is provided for the student to better understand both Android and iOS platforms, as well as how data is stored, transmitted, and collected. Extractions of both mobile devices and removeable media will be conducted, as well as database analysis, and other applicable file analysis.


This course addresses a variety of mobile operating systems where students will explore file system structures, application framework, artifact locations, and how to extract data of value. Students will explore the Android operating system, diving into the features, including its interface, applications, memory management and versioning. They will also cover file system and memory partitions, and the background of SQLite files. The iOS platform will also be explored with an overview of the iOS framework, software updates and file system basics. This includes an in-depth explanation of the iOS file system, where the operating systems files reside and the location of application files. Information about iCloud and how the iOS system identifies the type of content in a file is also provided.