Windows Exploitation & Analysis (WEA)

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Cost (single seat): $5,000 Course Length: 5 Days

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What will you get out of WEA?

Granting you proficiency-based hands-on training using a variety of tools to gain access to a remote network, WEA will teach you in-depth the tactics, techniques and procedures an attacker may use to gain access to your organization and its networks.

What makes WEA unique?

You’ll perform your exercises and scenarios in a sandboxed network, allowing you to practice and learn at your own pace without affecting other students.

Why should you enroll in WEA?


    • Use the Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF) to control clients
    • Deploy and control an IRC based botnet
    • Learn Windows 7 security bypass techniques


Windows Exploitation & Analysis (WEA) is a proficiency-based course that teaches the essentials of offensive methodology and analysis with a focus on Windows systems and using modern techniques. WEA is for people who love network and computer security, programmers, and people who are responsible for protecting their organizations’ networks from threats. This course gives you an in-depth look at the essentials of remote network exploitation, from scanning and enumeration of a network space, down to performing client-side attacks, which are quickly becoming the most reliable vector into target networks. In this class you will use real exploits against simulated targets. There are simulated targets for a variety of operating systems, including modern versions with secure settings. For example, you will perform spear-phishing attacks against email addresses found in your scenario. Our remote target computers will check their email and open your exploit attachments and links. Parrot Labs Cyber Mission Training provides a persistent and secure training environment where you can learn and practice new skills at your own pace without affecting other students’ VMs.




At the start of the course, you’ll be introduced to the Offensive Methodology and Information Gathering using open source tools.


As the course moves on, you’ll get comfortable with using open source tools to scan networks and servers.


We’ll teach you to send exploits using the Metasploit Framework (MSF), use advanced tunneling for custom tunneling executables, pivot using Metasploit and SOCKS proxy tunnels. You’ll also compile and deploy actual malware to set up a small botnet using client-side exploits.


In this phase, you will learn about the Windows Registry, Offensive Digital Forensics, and Windows Activity Directory queries. You’ll use open source and native tools to find files of interest, how to crack passwords, and use the pass-the-hash technique to move around a remote Windows network.


By the end of the course, you’ll be using open source tools to detect and evade antivirus tools and Intrusion Detection Systems.