KeyW’s SATCOM UHF diplexer facilitates secure communications for two radios to operate simultaneously on a single antenna.

Clear Communication

Communication during air, ground and sea combat operations is critical—which is why KeyW’s Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Ultra High Frequency (UHF) diplexer is an essential tool for any mission.

Our diplexer allows two tactical UHF SATCOM transceivers to share a single antenna on limited-space combat platforms, enabling customers to coordinate tactical maneuvers on land, at sea or in the air without damaging or interfering with either transceiver.

During transmission, the diplexer combines and amplifies non-coherent carriers into a single antenna radio frequency (RF) output at 100 watts per channel, while providing adequate isolation between the transmit and receive RF paths.

Record of Success

With more than 20 years of operational experience, KeyW is the sole source manufacturer of the SATCOM UHF diplexer with hundreds of units in the field.

KeyW’s diplexer incorporates a 100 watts per channel low-noise, high-power amplifier, which provides linear power amplification uplink and low-noise gallium arsenide field-effect transistor pre-amplification downlink.

A viable solution for virtually any mission, KeyW’s SATCOM UHF diplexer ensures a low-cost, completely integrated device that eliminates the need to modify existing platforms by adding a second UHF antenna.

Key Benefits

  • Minimized size and weight
  • Rapidly deployable
  • Provides optimum RF output power for 2- to 25-watt input levels
  • Fully supports AN/PRC-117 (F) HPW data transmissions
  • Serial interface allows remote uplink and downlink gain control, along with built-in test, power-level monitoring and unit status
  • Operator adjustment not required (plug and play)
  • Built-in testing to ensure functionality and alerts about antenna faults
  • Eliminates need to modify existing combat platforms by adding additional UHF antennas
  • 19-inch rack mounting kit and platform-specific mounting options available


Uplink Uplink Frequency Range: 290-320 MHz

Output Power: typical 100 watts/channel (80 watts/channel minimum)

Power Amplification: linear

Modulation Acceptance: any

Downlink Downlink Frequency Range: 240-270 MHz

System Noise Figure: 3dB typical

Preamplifier: low-noise GaAs FET

System Gain: 30dB typical

Operational Operational Controls: built-in test and serial port Safety Features: power circuit breaker, antenna fault protection
Power DC Input: +28VDC

Nominal Current: 35A

Connector, Power: military circular (MS3102R22-12P)

Protection: circuit breakers, surge suppression

Mechanical Size: 8.75 in. H x 13 in. W x 16.5 in. D (19.7 in. O/A with handles)

Mounting: bench top or rack mounting, integral chassis side mounting, points for use with shock mounting tray

Weight: 48 lbs.

Connectors, RF: N-type female (50 ohms)

Transportability: one-person carry with four integral handles

Cooling: ambient air cooled with internal fans

We continuously enhance system performance. As a result, specifications are subject to change.

  • KeyW P/N 500020
  • NSN P/N 5985-01-527-4843
  • Various options available include a 50-watt per channel version, mounting kits and external power supplies
  • Specific product customization is available per customers’ specifications

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