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Seaport E

The Analysis Group Team:

Company Name: Axiom Resource Management, Inc
DUNS: 002207459, SeaPort-e Prime: No, Zones: 2, Business Size: 8(a) Company Description: Axiom Resource Management, Inc., established in 1996, provides a full range of professional consulting services to business clients and more than 20 state and federal government agencies. The company’s roots are in healthcare program management TRICARE, the health program for America’s armed forces and their families has relied upon Axiom to provide dynamic, responsive solutions to meet its needs since its inception. Certified to participate in the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program in 1999, Axiom augmented its program management expertise in 2000 by acquiring Conwal, an award-winning firm with a long history of successful partnering with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, among other clients.
Company Name: Barling Bay, LLC
DUNS: 135726185, SeaPort-e Prime: No, Zones: 2,3,4,7, Business Size: 8(a) Company Description: Barling Bay, LLC, a tribally owned, 8(a) Program Certified, Alaskan Native Company (ANC) owned by the Village of Old Harbor, Kodiak Island, Alaska, is an advanced technical services company with a strong engineering and research and development practice. Barling Bay provides a variety of technical services to government and commercial entities, with a focus on five critical areas: Environmental Engineering, Life Cycle Engineering, Logistics & Maintenance, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), and Telecommunications Engineering. Barling Bay provides excellence in high-quality, specialty engineering and logistics services by approaching services as solutions. This allows the company to not simply meet customer expectations, but to exceed them.
Company Name: Future Integrated Systems, LLC (FIS Consulting)
DUNS: 128384448, SeaPort-e Prime: No, Zones: 2, Business Size: WSOB Company Description: FIS is a woman-owned, small business headquartered in Centreville, Virginia, founded in 1992. FIS solutions improve business processes, automate tasks, integrate disparate applications, and implement software that helps organizations keep up with their demanding day to day operations. FIS is an information technology service solutions company specializing in software engineering and development, systems integration, interface development, database design and implementation, and website design. Their software engineering practice spans the entire development life cycle from requirements analysis and specification through implementation and support while providing strong project management skills throughout the life cycle.
Company Name: General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc.
DUNS: 067641597, SeaPort-e Prime: Yes, Zones: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Business Size: LB Company Description: As defense business strategies begin to focus on privatization of the development and life cycle support of its systems, Anteon’s systems engineering services play a larger and more essential role in the successful development of effective and suitable combat systems. Anteon’s experience encompasses systems engineering and systems development, mission and threat analysis, and acquisition management for surface combatants and submarine programs. Anteon applies its core systems engineering disciplines in support of most major surface ship and submarine weapon systems acquisition projects, including Ballistic Missile Defense, Ship Self Defense, Theater Air Defense and the Virginia class submarine program.
Company Name: Group W Inc.
DUNS: 143980741, SeaPort-e Prime: Yes, Zones: 2, Business Size: SB Company Description: Group W Inc. provides analytical tools and services to organizations across the national security community. Its customer base covers the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint and Service Staffs, Major Commands, System Program Offices, the Combat Commanders and the military aerospace industry. Group W’s staff has the balanced range of skills necessary to conceive, implement, operate and maintain analytical tools and techniques to support military decision-making environments. Their programmers hold advanced degrees in mathematics, computer science and software engineering and have years of direct experience in applying these disciplines to create tools ranging from simple spreadsheet models to complex object-oriented simulations comprising hundreds of thousands of lines of code. Group W analysts combine military field experience, operations research discipline, and a first-hand understanding of on-site support responsibilities to address quick-turn questions as well as, longer-term studies.
Company Name: ManTech Systems Engineering Corporation (MSEC)
DUNS: 174245993, SeaPort-e Prime: Yes, Zones: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Business Size: LB Company Description: ManTech’s scientific and engineering services are an indispensable part of their clients’ crucial risk management plans and decisions. We combine research and development with hands-on field experience to provide full-scale engineering and technical solutions. Using leading-edge technologies, ManTech has developed and tested mission-critical hardware and software systems around the world with a single goal in mind: Secure, cost-effective, and reliable performance upon delivery. ManTech’s broad engineering capabilities include systems engineering services, testing and evaluation, research and development, independent verification and validation. We leverage these skills to provide space flight hardware and payload test operations and integration; acoustics research and testing; and environmental research and development services. They also design and install mobile, airborne, and shipboard systems, and develop and produce leading-edge automated test equipment and processes.
Company Name: Metron
DUNS: 107939233, SeaPort-e Prime: No, Zones: 2,6, Business Size: LB Company Description: Metron applies mathematics and computer science to the needs of the Federal Government. The business base and initial underlying technology for Metron’s other divisions were originally developed by its Federal Division. Metron employs pure and applied mathematicians, physicists, operations research analysts, and computer scientists. Approximately 90 percent of the staff have advanced degrees of which 60% are doctorates. Metron’s Simulation Sciences Division provides simulation sciences based high technology solutions and support to Government and Commercial clients. They are Department of Defense (DoD) industry leaders in the representation of information-driven systems and behavior. Their military simulation systems provide comprehensive treatments of information collection, information dissemination, situation assessment, and dynamic resource allocation systems and processes. The human decision-making cycle of observe-orient-decide-act is explicitly represented in these systems.
Company Name: Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI)
DUNS: 807454640, SeaPort-e Prime: No, Zones: 2,4,5,6, Business Size: LB Company Description: MTSI is a systems engineering firm established in 1993. The company focuses on low observable technology, air and missile defense, military concepts of operations, and unmanned aerial vehicles. The company’s services are focused in the areas of acquisition and technology, operations analysis and intelligence support, operational concepts and ISR support, flight test, and multimedia.
Company Name: Osborne Computer Services Inc.
DUNS: 016188380, SeaPort-e Prime: No, Zones: 2, Business Size: SDVOSB Company Description: Osborne Computer Services (OZ) provides the full realm of Information Technology, Configuration Control, and Modeling support to Department of Defense agencies. OZ support multiple Operating System platforms such as Solaris, NT, XP, 2000, IRIX and Linux and all associated hardware and software.
Company Name: Semantic Research (SRI)
DUNS: 084056287, SeaPort-e Prime: No, Zones: 6, Business Size: SB Company Description: Formed in 2001, SRI acquired all rights to the SemNet Research Group’s groundbreaking software, SemNet, which has been in continuous development and use for over 15 years. Originally developed as an eLearning software application, SemNet has been used by students and educators representing over 44 colleges and universities world wide and has proven to be one of the most effective visual learning tools available. SemNet formed the basis for Semantic Research’s patent-pending Semantica family of software products, which represent the leading-edge of knowledge capture, management and transfer technologies. Semantica is a horizontal platform for knowledge capture, management and transfer. Semantica helps organizations capture their human capital, disseminate key information throughout the organization, and literally see what their employees are thinking so they can bring products to market quicker, be more responsive to customers and protect their intellectual capital. SRI works with integrators and consultants to customize solutions based on the Semantica architecture.
Company Name: STILMAN Advanced Strategies, LLC (STILMAN)
DUNS: 121936608, SeaPort-e Prime: No, Zones: 6, Business Size: SB Company Description: STILMAN was formed in September 1999 to commercialize software products and services around its core technology, Linguistic Geometry (LG), a scientific breakthrough developed by Dr. Boris STILMAN after 30 years of research. The company is privately held and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. STILMAN specializes in military decision aids, decision-making, and C2 systems. STILMAN’s technology is based on LG, a new type of game theory changing the paradigms of battle management and mission planning. Built on a solid theoretical foundation, the LG tools automatically generate and permit the warfighters, unmanned vehicles operators, and trainees to take advantage of winning strategies, tactics, and courses of action (COA) for mission planning and execution. LG employs deep ‘look-ahead’ from the current state (i.e., LG is ‘predictive’) and provides a faithful model of an intelligent enemy. With unmatched scalability, LG provides a unified conceptual model of joint military operations.
Company Name: Syracuse Research (SRC)
DUNS: 063053771, SeaPort-e Prime: No, Zones: 1,2,3,4,5, Business Size: LB Company Description: SRC is an independent, not-for-profit, multidisciplinary research and development organization chartered by the State of New York. For over four decades, SRC has played a leadership role in technology programs of national significance. Historically, SRC has supported a broad range of federal government organizations including various Departments of Defense (all Services), and numerous agencies. Today, SRC employs approximately 450 people in 11 states across the U.S in every SeaPort Enhanced Geographical Zone except the Northwest. They have established working relationships with more than 200 companies and 100 academic institutions across the nation and in 30 countries. SRC has four Technical Centers.

The Analysis Group Delivery Order

N00178-05-D-4617-FD01 – Engineering and Technical Support for Floating Area Network Littoral Sensor Grid (LSG) (RDT&E)

The Analysis Group Contacts

Seaport Manager
Margot Lawless KeyW Corporation Mission Integration Division 2900 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 300 Falls Church, VA 22042 (O) 571.421.8507 (F) 571-421-8501
Seaport Contracts
Denise Long KeyW Corporation Technical and Mission Solutions Group 2900 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 30 Falls Church, VA 22042 (O) 571-421-8529 (F) 571-421-8501
Seaport Alternate POC
Andy Leinz KeyW Corporation Technical and Mission Solutions Group 2900 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 30 Falls Church, VA 22042 (O) 571-421-8553 (F) 571-421-8501
Seaport Customer Satisfaction Manager
Margot Lawless KeyW Corporation Mission Integration Division 2900 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 300 Falls Church, VA 22042 (O) 571.421.8507 (F) 571-421-8501

Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan

This QASP is based on Total Quality Management (TQM) concepts and principles. Under the TQM philosophy, Total means involving customers, suppliers, and employees. Quality means meeting or exceeding customer requirements while continuously improving and management means working toward a sustainable competitive advantage by optimizing all business systems.
This plan prescribes contractor responsibilities and procedures to implement TQM concepts and principles into The Analysis Group Team. The contractor, and not the Government, is responsible for management and QC actions to meet the terms of the TO. The role of the Government is quality assurance (QA) to ensure contract standards are achieved. In this contract, the QASP is the driver for service quality. The Analysis Group Team is required to develop a comprehensive program of inspections and monitoring actions to maintain high quality service tailored for each TO. The major step to ensuring a self-correcting contract is to ensure that the QASP, provides the measures needed to lead the contractor to a high level of quality service. Once in place, the QASP ensures careful application of the processes and standards presented in the remainder of this plan will provide a program that ensures high quality contractor performance is achieved and maintained and methods for improving the overall quality of contractor performance are established.
This QASP applies to all contractor personnel employed on the The Analysis Group Team SeaPort Enhanced contract, the products we produce, the work that we accomplish, and the items we buy from our suppliers.  The QASP also applies to all subcontractor employees and efforts in support of the SeaPort Enhanced contract.  This plan covers all areas of contract performance, including:
  • Performance of Work;
  • Technical Management;
  • Business Management;
  • Quality Control;
  • Products and Reports;
  • Subcontractor Products and Services.
The objective of the SeaPort Enhanced contract QASP is to establish standards and procedures to accomplish the following:
  • Ensure delivery of high quality products and services to our customer;
  • Minimize cost while maintaining high standards of quality and timeliness;
  • Provide the highest level of individual and team job performance and efficiency;
  • Instill continuous process improvement project-wide.
The Analysis Group Team quality goal is to deliver products and services, which provide the highest attainable excellence consistent with our contractual requirements.  The Analysis Group Team project manager (PM) for the SeaPort Enhanced contract will implement and maintain this QASP to ensure excellence at every phase of product development or performance and to deliver high quality products and services in support of the virtual SYSCOM.  We encourage each and every member of the project to achieve excellence. Our desire is to establish a team culture on the project that will:
  • Create a positive and dynamic work environment for continuous process improvement;
  • Foster teamwork to facilitate efficient operations;
  • Encourage the creativity and ingenuity of our people to facilitate process improvement;
  • Establish measurable performance criteria for meeting schedule milestones, human resource requirements, and productivity goals;
  • Focus on fulfilling contractual requirements to attain and maintain customer satisfaction.
Continuous Improvement
To accomplish The Analysis Group Team goal of high quality performance on the SeaPort Enhanced contract, our PM will support the following principles of continuous process improvement for the duration of the contract:
  • Individual commitment to achieve and maintain high quality at all levels;
  • Customer focus ensures that improvement efforts meet customer requirements;
  • A Quality Vision to guide the customer, employees, and suppliers;
  • Orientation toward process definition that addresses how to accomplish high quality work, not just the outcome;
  • Continuous improvement ensures dynamic and adaptive processes over time;
  • Systematic management approach to promote/support continuous improvement process;
  • Training investments to leverage effectiveness of the continuous improvement process;
  • Best use of our most valuable asset-human resources.
As specific Task Orders permit, The Analysis Group will flow down performance incentives such as award or incentive fees, team/personnel recognition opportunities, early/high quality delivery bonuses, and any other such incentives directly to teammates proportional to their contribution to the task(s) receiving such an award.

Seaport-E Contracts

Contract Award N00178-05-D-4617-P00002 – Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract N00178-05-D-4617-P00003 – Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract N00178-05-D-4617-P00004 – Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract N00178-05-D-4617-P00005 – Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract N00178-05-D-4617-P00006 – Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract N00178-05-D-4617-P00007 – Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract N00178-05-D-4617-P00008 – Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract N00178-05-D-4617-P00009 – Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract N00178-05-D-4617-P00010 – Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract N00178-05-D-4617-P00011 – Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract N00178-05-D-4617-P00012 – Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract N00178-05-D-4617-P00013 – Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract N00178-05-D-4617-P00014 – Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract MOD13 Replacement_Pages – The purpose of this modification is to incorporate the changes associated with the fiscal year 2011 MOD14 Replacement_Pages – The purpose of this modification is to incorporate updates to all Seaport e Contracts.