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Analysis & Operations

A Fast, Effective Approach for Actionable Intelligence

If you’re in the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense, you can count on KeyW to provide operations and analysis services for your classified missions, systems and facilities designed to collect, analyze, process and use products of various intelligence sources. In addition to our flight operations support contracts, we also develop and integrate collection and analysis systems and techniques to support strategic and tactical intelligence systems, networks and facilities. Some of our intelligence-related services include the design, rapid development and prototyping, integration and management of real-time signal processing systems. We also support the development and application of analytical techniques for counter-intelligence operations and activities. KeyW also provides experienced and knowledgeable intelligence analysts whose expertise spans the entire intelligence process. In addition to our significant capability in cyber intelligence, KeyW analysts support a wide array of intelligence analysis activities across the broader Intelligence Community. What’s more, our intelligence practice is built on the same spirit of innovation you’ll find across all of our capability domains. From building better tradecraft, to employing–and developing–state-of-the-art tools to enabling a faster and better approach for actionable intelligence, our analysts deliver rigor in tradecraft and thought leadership to advance tradecraft for the future.

KeyW provides intelligence analysis support in the following areas:

  • Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Counterterrorism (CT)
  • Cyber Threat Analysis
  • Counterintelligence (CI)
  • Human Terrain
  • All-source Analysis
  • System Engineering (SE) Analysis
  • Document and Material Exploitation (DOMEX)
  • Imagery Intelligence (IMINT)