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Data Discovery, Transformation and Analysis

End-to-End Services to Ensure Your Data Becomes Actionable Insights

Understanding and characterizing your data is the first step to transform noise into knowledge. KeyW provides end-to-end services to make sure your data is discoverable and consumable by advanced data analytics that result in actionable insights.

Our Services and Solutions

  • Customer prototypes that monitor and harvest network traffic and execute cloud-based analytics in support of pattern analysis
  • Advanced data analytics, automated transformations, cloud elasticity and business metrics/analytics
  • Streamlined Content Curation process that automates multi-source content harvesting and language translation unlocking what’s relevant and providing you with a customizable experience

Applying Context to Your Data Results in Informed Decision Making

Access and Discovery – Design, integrate and implement distributed storage and computation frameworks to efficiently and effectively leverage commodity hardware and cloud infrastructure technologies Analytics and Data Science – Manipulate and transform data to generate actionable insights from large pools of data Flow and Governance – Acquire, transform, enrich and deliver data to and from any source, while maintaining the integrity and quality of data Presentation – Combine open-source software, commercial off-the-shelf and in-house technologies to organize and display data to end-users  

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