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Data Management and Security

Data Management that Stands Up to the Complexities of Modern Data Demands

Cloud solutions depend on networks, data-flow components, servers, file systems, storage systems, databases and multiple open-source components. All of this must be managed, controlled, operated, monitored and analyzed using an in-depth understanding of how it all functions together. KeyW understands the complexities of handling and sharing your sensitive data, which is essential to designing and implementing your data architecture, as well as the policies and procedures required to manage the full data lifecycle. Our cloud monitoring solutions provide analytics that combine collected information and system knowledge to pinpoint problems and provide real-time notification. KeyW is well versed in the latest security technologies and can leverage this knowledge to provide secure and reliable systems and applications.

Visibility of Critical Systems and Operational Status Across the Enterprise

KeyW implements health and status solutions that monitor critical aspects of system and application reliability and alert in near real time. Our systems engineering teams design and implement automated end-to-end data flows in support of shared situational awareness across the enterprise. Configuration Management – Design and implement solutions that offer automated software delivery and installation; provide coordination control and change management services for distributed applications that are critical to maintaining a secure operating environment Orchestration – Rapidly deploy and manage applications in large-scale distrusted environments, while maintaining system integrity and security Metrics and Monitoring – Combine analytics with system knowledge and component measurements to pinpoint problems and issue alerts in near real time to support your knowledge-based decisions; single window view across networks, data-flows and server clusters

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