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An Integrated Approach to Tackle Your Information Security Challenge

Unlike the traditional battlefield, the rules of engagement are blurry — and maybe even non-existent — in the cyber world where you house critical, and often proprietary, information. Terrorists, organized crime groups and some foreign governments focus tremendous effort on targeting government and military agencies in cyberspace — and the attacks are increasing in both significance and frequency. To protect your agency or organization, KeyW offers the most advanced, integrated approach to cybersecurity which includes offensive cyberspace operations (OCO) and defensive cyberspace operations (DCO) as well as cyber mission training and exercises.

A sample of our Cyber capabilities:

  • Intuitive Cyber C2 design, development and integration
  • Cyberspace Operating Platform design, development and installation
  • Automated Cyber Training and Assessment solutions
  • Active Defensive Cyberspace Operations solutions
  • Incident response services
  • Implementation of comprehensive security architectures
  • Risk assessments and analytics evaluations
  • Virtual/Physical Network design, development, and installation
  • Test and evaluation of cybersecurity products
  • Identification and documentation of network vulnerabilities
  • Penetration testing and network hardening

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Offensive Cyberspace Operations Defensive Cyberspace Operations Cyber Mission Training and Exercises