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Cyber Mission Training and Exercises

Real-World Training Scenarios to Help You Prepare for Virtually Any Scenario

Preparation is half the battle. At KeyW, we understand your environment and provide real-world training sessions that prepare you for virtually any scenario. Our offerings fall into the two main categories below.

Cyber Mission Training

Cyber Mission Training provides offensive and defensive cyber operations training for leaders and practitioners. You’ll receive hands-on training and course work with the appropriate content and intensity to fully prepare you for cyber operations. We design the curriculum and activities with your cyber missions in mind to best prepare you to meet your service mission requirements. Go to our Cyber Training Portal

Cyber Range and Exercise Management

Cyber Range and Exercise Management simulations provide maneuver, fire and effects through the cyber domain leading to improved TTPs. Our team plans, implements and oversees exercise events that are tailored to meet your real-world circumstances—and can be adapted for exercises or classroom events that support both local and remote users. What’s more, our services can automate cyber range functions for real-world network emulation.

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