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Persistent Cyber Training Environment – Mobile Platform

Experience Advanced, Real-World, Proficiency-Based Cyber Training—Without Leaving Your Facility

KeyW understands the importance of proficiency-based cyber mission training in preparing you for any service mission, in any scenario. In fact, our newest training solution—PCTE-Mobile—is a natural extension of KeyW’s advanced, integrated cyber training portfolio.

PCTE-Mobile makes it easier than ever for cybersecurity professionals to meet their training requirements. Now, if you can’t attend training in person, KeyW brings the training to you.

Learning on the Go

KeyW’s PCTE-Mobile is a self-contained, fully functional classroom providing a robust virtual cybersecurity training environment, allowing you to complete the proficiency training you need to meet your mission requirements—all from the convenience of your own facility.

Our philosophy: Cyber mission training is most effective through hands-on, practical exercises that are attuned to the complexities of the specific operational environment. Our mobile training solution offers both—along with certified instructors experienced in a broad range of cyber missions and cybersecurity topics.

Best of all, this combination of mobile training, hands-on learning and skilled instruction will prepare you to advance directly to your respective missions with deep insights to both nominal and constrained operational circumstances. KeyW’s PCTE-Mobile platform enables you to apply the concepts and real-world scenarios you’ve learned in class to actual cyber situations. Now, your team can achieve full cyber mission readiness ahead of the threat!

Key Benefits:

  • Advanced, proficiency-based training
  • Proven interactive training environment
  • Customized training to meet mission requirements
  • Instructors experienced in mission-centric offensive and defensive methodologies
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Seamless transition between training courses
  • Speed-to-competency advantage for your cyber workforce

 Training at Your Fingertips

A sampling of PCTE- Mobile training courses:

  • Cyber Leadership
    • Cyber Leader Course (Two Days)
  • Mission Foundations – Intermediate (Eight Weeks; Can be delivered in two-week modules)
    • Windows
    • Unix
    • Networking/Packet Analysis
    • Security Concepts
  • Intermediate
    • Windows Exploitation & Analysis (WEA – One Week)
    • Digital Forensics & Analysis (DFA – Two Weeks)
  • Advanced
    • Offensive Methodology & Analysis (OMA – Two Weeks – pre-requisite for AOMA)
    • Advanced Offensive Methodology & Analysis (AOMA – One Week)
    • Windows & Linux Scripting (WLS – Two Weeks; Can be delivered in one-week modules)
    • Mobile Device Forensics (MDF – Five Days)

Want to Learn More?

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