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Defensive Cyberspace Operations & Training

Defensive Cyberspace Operations to Proactively Secure Your Greatest Assets

Defending the home base through defensive cyberspace operations (DCO) is equally important as offensive cyberspace operations. Together, they create an integrated approach for proactively securing your greatest assets. Our DCO capabilities include the three main components below.

Cyber Capabilities Development

Cyber Capabilities Development secures product development and assurance assessments to harden assets used across government enterprises. You’ll gain the tools, partner and experience needed to both re-purpose existing tools and to develop new ones for threat emulation.

Secure Mobile Communication

Secure Mobile Communication secures mobile communications for iOS and Android devices. We are FIPS certified and we provide seamless integration into BlackBerry infrastructure—along with mobile device security hardening, systems engineering/analysis and biometric evaluations.

Software/Hardware Security Engineering

Software/Hardware Security Engineering delivers security assessments and engineering support for Government Off-the-Shelf (GOTS) Cryptographic Modules and Network Encryptors, as well as Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Secure Mobile Communications and Active Cyber Defense (ACD) solutions. KeyW engineers, tests and deploys ACD solutions that monitor, detect, prevent, track and report as well as provides automated remediation of malicious computer-related activities and incidents.  

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