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Custom Packaging and Microelectronics

High Reliability Microelectronics for Your Unique Missions

KeyW designs and manufactures high reliability microelectronics, with low- to medium-rate production, for virtually any mission. A typical project may involve miniaturizing a two-way communication system from the size of a handheld device down to the size of a USB Flash drive. Additional examples of miniaturization include a high density system-in-package design and a micro software defined radio—but the sky’s the limit.

Highly Specialized Team

Our team of electronic packaging and electrical engineers, technicians and operators are experienced in:
  • High density interconnect substrate and packaging design
  • Thermal and structural analysis
  • Reliability analysis and testing
  • Electronics material
  • Electronics manufacturing process

You Can Count on Us

  • Mission driven
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Full-surface mount technology
  • 3-D printing

Specialized Facility to Support Your Special Missions

Because your missions often have unique requirements, we deliver microelectronics from a facility that includes manufacturing processes for printed circuit board fabrication, microelectronics assembly and testing and microelectronics encapsulation.
Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Processes
  • PCB Lamination
  • IDE (Image, Develop, Etch)
  • Laser and Mechanical Via Drilling
  • Customized Solder Mask, Legend, Finish Plating
Microelectronics Assembly
  • Mixed technology assembly of bare die and surface mount technology components
  • Wafer Dicing and Automated Pick/Place
  • Automated Flip chip, Wire bonding, and SMT assembly
  • In-Process interconnected verification w/ Boundary Scan
  • Encapsulation with variety of thermally conductive and radio frequency-approved materials
We also develop new manufacturing processes to support custom design and assembly efforts that meet your needs. For example, our custom manufacturing process development is the sintered process, which enables extremely thin PCB layers with flexibility in adhesion to different finish metals.

Microelectronics Assembly

Our class 10,000 cleanroom is the heart of our operation. We design custom die integration solutions to meet specifications with an emphasis on extreme miniaturization. Our facilities include nitrogen purged storage boxes, laboratory freezers (-40 C) and fume extraction systems.    

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