Geospatial Intelligence

KEYW Addresses National and Tactical Geospatial Intelligence Problems

KEYW provides support for collecting, processing, exploiting, and disseminating geospatial intelligence for the US Military, the Intelligence Community, and civilian and commercial users. We provide airborne, vehicle, ground, and handheld collection systems, and we support satellite collection systems. We develop and deploy novel processing techniques for EO/IR, Hyperspectral, LiDAR, Radar, SIGINT, and other GEOINT sensors.

We create real-time and forensic multi-INT exploitation products, using automated workflow tools, like KeyP.A.D. And our Joint Enterprise Modeling and Analytics technology, commonly known as, JEMA. We provide data dissemination tools that scale from field-deployed sites to large data centers, like our Geospatial Data Management (GMD) tool. Our software and hardware is deployed operationally through both Programs of Record and Quick Reaction Capabilities.

Our GEOINT expertise converges with our Cyber solutions. Today's complex, geographically distributed cyber threat environment is driving a convergence of cyber intelligence and geospatial intelligence. Attribution and effective remediation of hostile actions in cyberspace frequently require finding perpetrators in geospace and linking together relevant knowledge from geospatial intelligence tools and data. Geospatial imaging tools and data management technologies, using a common geo-reference model, serve a variety of Government and commercial interests.

Our Capability

We provide end-to-end requirements analysis, design, development, integration, and deployment of GEOINT systems for our customers. In addition, we provide on-site intelligence operations and analysis support. Our GEOINT innovations include Geospatial Data Management, JEMA, AEROPTIC and KeyRADAR. KEYW's enterprise-level geospatial data management support for non-standard geospatial data/products which are converted to discoverable (on-demand) and application ready (online) data services, currently utilized by GEOINT analysts along with partners across the NSG.

KEYW's core capabilities, products, and services enable our nation's military throughout every state of the Find, Fix Finish, Exploit, Analyze, and Disseminate (F3EAD) process. From locating hard to find targets in the most demanding environments through exploiting, analyzing and disseminating captured enemy information, KEYW delivers the right tools on time and on target.

Rapid development, deployment, and sustainment of airborne collection platforms for:
Intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) imagery, and high-quality mapping.

Ground, vehicle, and handheld sensors:
Collection of GEOINT data for tactical and national applications.

GEOINT Analysis Workflow
Development and deployment of novel tools for multi-INT fusion.

Airborne Collections

Leveraging our broad technical expertise, we match aircraft to mission requirements and modify these aircraft with integrated airborne sensor systems for onboard, geospatially referenced digital imagery collection and processing. Our integrated airborne collection solutions are complemented by complete flight services and ongoing sustainment and logistics support of the collection platforms. We deploy our tailored solutions to meet the most urgent requirements for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) imagery and high-quality mapping of large areas in some of the world's most challenging locations.

KEYW owns and operates six Beechcraft King Air B100 turboprop aircraft for collecting high resolution Electro-Optical (EO) imagery and laser distancing (LiDAR) data in austere environments. KEYW also owns one Fairchild C-26 Metroliner for extended range missions.

With these aircraft, we provide a turn-key solution that includes collection, processing, and productization of actionable intelligence and geo-referenced imagery.


Our Sensors

We develop, integrate, and deploy technology for optimized collection and analysis of geospatial imagery. Our airborne platforms and tailored payloads deliver solutions to meet the strategic (long-term) and tactical (quick response) goals of our customers.

High Resolution EO/IR/LIDAR

Imagery for Strategic Mapping

KEYW's high-resolution imaging technology, Aeroptic, has evolved from urban mapping missions, to battlefield visualization and line of sight analysis, to ISR missions in Afghanistan. Our multi-sensor suite includes high-resolution visible/infrared (EO/IR) dual-band cameras and laser distancing sensors (LIDAR). KEYW also has the ability and experience to incorporate a range of additional capabilities including signals intelligence and deploying hyperspectral (HSI) and other custom-built sensors. These sensors can identify with pin-point accuracy details such as shoe prints in soil, air temperature differences, or a line of command wire attached to an improvised explosive device (IED) from up to 10,000 feet above ground level.


All-Weather, Day/Night Surveillance

KEYW's radars are software-reconfigurable sensors that are readily adaptable to diverse missions and a wide range of aircraft and ground vehicles. Radar provides all-weather, day/night surveillance with varying degrees of penetration including foliage, building, and ground. Our software creates three-dimensional images that show features of land, structures, and human activity visible only through radar imaging. Our tools perform terrain characterization and digital elevation model extraction for land cover/land use mapping applications. Our radar systems and associated exploitation algorithms are highly sensitive to man-made objects and man-made disturbances. We also provide fully automated, immediate on-board exploitation and dissemination.