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Imaging Systems

Imaging Systems Where Every Pixel Counts

Because you rely on precise data for your critical missions, KeyW imaging systems make the most out of the images collected. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality images—starting with image capture all the way through processing. To achieve this, we combine the most advanced commercially-available components and build electro-optical systems, which are easier to operate, robust enough to stand up in austere environments and produce data that complies with the latest open standards. Our multi-sensor suite includes:
  • High-resolution visible (EO/IR) and multispectral cameras
  • Laser distancing sensors (LiDAR)
  • Signals intelligence
  • Hyperspectral (HSI)
  • Custom-built sensors
We develop, integrate and deploy technology for optimized collection and analysis of geospatial imagery. Our airborne platforms and tailored payloads deliver solutions to meet both your strategic (long-term) and tactical (quick response) goals.

High Resolution EO/IR/LiDAR — Imagery for Strategic Mapping

KeyW’s high-resolution imaging technology evolved from urban mapping missions, to battlefield visualization and line-of-sight analysis, to Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions in Afghanistan. Our multi-sensor suite includes EO/IR dual-band cameras and laser distancing sensors (LiDAR). KeyW also has the ability and experience to incorporate a range of additional capabilities, including signals intelligence, HSI and other custom-built sensors. These sensors can identify with pin-point accuracy details such as shoe prints in soil and air temperature differences.  

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