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Assured Mission Readiness. Improved ISR Agility.



AgilePod® is an open architecture, reconfigurable multi-mission pod for command and control, ISR and global strike operations.

Multi-Mission Capabilities

The ability for today’s military to adapt to multiple missions at a moment’s notice is not only critical but often the difference between success and failure. AgilePod® is a multi-mission, open architecture, reconfigurable carbon fiber pod, providing U.S. warfighters with global strike and affordable/operationally flexible airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities—while offering real solutions to close warfighting gaps.

Excellence At Work

AgilePod® enables U.S. Special Forces, Air Force, Navy and other users to change sensor configurations in less than two hours—compared to years—for currently fielded airborne ISR systems. Among its many benefits, AgilePod® provides operational flexibility and rapid fielding of new capabilities for manned and unmanned platforms. AgilePod® demonstrates the benefits of agile manufacturing and a modular open systems approach that makes command and control, ISR and global strike missions more affordable.

Prototype Success

In 2016, KeyW delivered its first AgilePod® prototype to the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). AgilePod® is scheduled for integration/flight testing on the MQ-9 aircraft in early 2018. The response to AgilePod® has been overwhelmingly positive, and it’s been touted as a “game changer” for ISR.
Key Sensor Offerings

Key Sensor Offerings

Key Benefits

  • Employs a flexible, modular, scalable design framework
  • Enables quicker technology refresh
  • Supports rapid sensor reconfiguration based on evolving mission needs
  • Compliant with SAE AS6129/AS6169 turret sensor interface standards
  • Compatible with a wide range of payloads, sensors, communications systems and platforms
  • Features multi-purpose payload interfaces in every compartment
  • Lessens reliance on physical prototyping
  • Reduces lifecycle costs
  • Captures relevant data for follow-on efforts

KeyW ISR Systems

KeyW’s ISR systems are software-reconfigurable, multispectrum sensors that are readily adaptable to diverse missions and a wide range of aircraft and ground vehicles. When coupled with its aircraft services capabilities, KeyW’s radar, electro-optical, light detection and ranging and signals intelligence solutions deliver highly advanced, yet affordable ISR products and services for virtually any mission. Want to learn more? Contact
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DISCLAIMER – AgilePod® was developed and manufactured under contract FA8650-15-C-5519 between KeyW and the Air Force Research Laboratory. AgilePod® is a registered trademark of the government of the United States as represented by the Secretary of the Air Force and is used with permission of, and licensed by, the same. The U.S. Air Force, Department of Defense and the U.S. government do not warrant or endorse this service, its provider, vendor or licensee. Any warranty is the sole responsibility of the provider, vendor or licensee.