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Secure, Easy-to-Manage, Multi-Master Replication

The world is not always connected. Whether it’s a phone, tablet or data center in a remote location, MobData helps keep data synchronized and consistent in the face of tenuous, unreliable network connectivity.

Multi-Master Replication for the Masses

Screen of MobData’s Monitoring Capabilities

Screenshot of MobData’s Monitoring Capabilities

Imagine a scenario with multiple servers—each with a copy of your data and the ability to edit this data, even during network outages when servers can’t remain synchronized. In this scenario, users are allowed to work and edit data on their local copies, as this provides flexibility and convenience when they can’t afford to wait for remote servers to come back online. Multi-master replication helps ensure that differences between the servers are eventually made consistent when connectivity returns. It comes at a price, though, because all users can potentially update all data all of the time. Synchronizing constantly changing data is challenging, especially if network outages are common. Because of this, today’s multi-master replication products tend to be complex and expensive. MobData solves this problem in a better way.

Powered By Apache CouchDB

MobData’s Environment: Geographically Dispersed, Multi-Network Systems

MobData’s Environment: Geographically Dispersed, Multi-Network Systems

Multi-master replication is Apache CouchDB’s wheelhouse. Apache CouchDB assumes connectivity is poor and provides the underlying replication strategy for synchronizing data across many servers. MobData builds on top of Apache CouchDB, providing a combination of management and monitoring tools that simplify the operation of an otherwise complex environment.

Benefits and Capabilities

  • Simplified multi-master replication
  • Customizable replication rules
  • Monitoring
  • Proven Apache CouchDB technology
  • Radio frequency signal compression

Customized Replication Rules

MobData’s Comprehensive Language for Replication Filters

MobData’s Comprehensive Language for Replication Filters

MobData provides a domain-specific language to define which data gets transferred. This simple, easy-to-read and easy-to-write language sets rules about which data is filtered and synchronized between servers.

Monitoring Ever-Changing Data

When data is replicating and network connectivity is suspect, knowing the exact state of data is a challenge. MobData provides a window into the data on each server. See at a glance if servers are connected, if their data is in sync and if backlogs or conflicts need inspection.

Combining the Strengths of KeyW In A Single Product

A new capability from the RF/Signals group is being introduced to the product—highly efficient signal compression. Built for a customer that struggles with transferring large amounts of signal data, KeyW’s compression algorithms significantly reduce the average storage size of I/Q signal data. Smaller amounts of data mean faster replication, which in turn, means a faster reaction time. This enhancement will extend MobData’s capabilities into signal development. Want to learn more? Contact

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