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Advanced Email Analytics. Intuitive Visualization. Actionable Intelligence.

Quickly analyze, explore, discover trends and exploit email using advanced analytics and visualization techniques currently not available with other applications or third-party add-ins. Newman enables identification of patterns and relationships between entities as well as visualization of geo-located images, network graphs, rank, entity and topic histograms.

Organizational Intelligence

  • Rapidly generate actionable intelligence from massive amounts of email data
  • Minimize time between acquisition and analysis through intuitive visualizations

Analyst’s Advantage

  • Reduces time and effort to analyze an email data set
  • Provides simple visualizations for different facets of data, reducing clutter and information overload

Newman’s Solutions

  • Communication Network Graph – Displays all communications between email addresses
  • Rank Histogram – Helps determine the most important email addresses in the data set
  • Entities Histogram – Populated to show the most frequently occurring entities extracted
  • Email Table – Shows email metadata, sortable by each column; selecting a row displays the contents of the email in the Email View tab
  • Email View – Displays email contents and highlights entities extracted from the body of the text; search through text and attachments
  • Attachments List – Includes all attachments an email address has ever sent
  • Ingest Pipeline – Cloud-enabled ingest supports most email types (e.g., *.pst, *.eml, *.mbox)
  • Extensive Mapping Capability – Allows analysts to pan the map, zoom in, zoom out and plot all email that has location data; selecting a location pin provides a list of associated emails and/or attachments
Newman also includes chronological conversation following, text translation, image-to-text conversion and third-party access to its underlying data.

Key Features

  • Uses machine learning to identify topics and image clusters
  • Includes a distributed search for working with large data sets
  • Exports user-defined items for later analysis
  • Available in standalone or cloud-hosted versions (requires only a web browser)
  • Built on a flexible and scalable architecture
  • Expandable with translation and image recognition packs
  • Expandable to index additional sources (e.g., SMS, Forum posts, social media posts)
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